Monday, January 2, 2012

Fill in your heart with "colors"! - Monday 2.01.12

Hellloo and Happy Happy Happy New Year!!
It's been so long I didn't write anything, even not for me, some personal notes...
With the changes that happened the last year (new job, new country, new city, new people) I was more focused on my career than fashion.  My friend Nikoleta (who was reading my other old blog Memories of a Princess), and other people from my entourage asked me why I stopped blogging?...hmmm...and after they continued - "U SHOULD re-start to do it". 
It was very nice to hear this , so I decided to begin the 2012 by starting to write again:)
I missed it,  so I will do my best to find time and share with you all the news about my "princess's" life, my fashion inspirations, what I like and-or what I hate:)
I always loved  C O L O R S! I think every color express our character,  our mood at the moment we are wearing it!  What I like the most from the new trends, is how perfectly  fashionistas and designers - (I have in mind D&G right now), how they mix colors. When you analyze separately every piece, it doesn't match, but when you look at the whole outfit, it is just perfect.
Below you can see some color-inspirational outfits that I loved.

Leopard, Purple, Yellow, Denim shirt - what else!

I LOVE LOVE this bag.

(source: Fashion Toast)
This dress is for my friend Irina. When we were students, she was obsessed with Orange:) so now i always associate her with this color, even though after it , she had pink, RED in her fav' color collection.

These are pictures from personal collection:), which were taken one month ago at my b-day party. Me and my friend Cris, where both "colorful" . This orange dress I bought I think 2 years ago from Mango and I wear it in summer , autumn, spring and winter. I just mixed it with different shoes and accessories and it was perfect for any occasion. 
Even if you don't like , or don't feel like to wear something flashy, you can always just add one article, shoes, bag, belt, earrings...and your outfit will have another allure and effect. A red lip gloss or red nails can be sometimes just enough..



  1. Welcome back! I love colors too! Especially i liked the bag! So orinigal.

  2. Welcome back Julia! Thought you'll let my suggestions away...instead you come back more colorful and brighty than ever. Feel now all-powerful since my friends listening my advices so thoroughly! I just joke...forget about all I said. Congratulations for your work! I really like your blog. Wait for more articles and more readers. Hug my Red Princess!