Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Don't Cry For Me Argentina! 4.01.12 - 00:19


Hello everyone,
I am very excited about today's topic:) Since yesterday with my mom we started to watch a new russian series called Don't cry for me Argentina! It is about 4 women, who has personal problems with their husband/boyfriend, so  for different reasons they started a tango lesson and it seems that this dance will change their lives.....I just watched today the 2nd episode, and I love it already:)
So, inspired from this series, I started to do researches about Argentina, Tango and Buenos Aires. 
I found a lot of colors and street art painting. Am inviting you for a little trip to the country of tango...

(saurce: google search-tourism websites)

If I speak about fashion, I discovered for myself some designers who's work is authentic and original. 
The first is Ale Sly (http://alesly.com). From my point of view this brand successfully represent Argentina.  The pictures below I took from their official website. Just take a look carefully to every detail and you will be fascinated by the colors combination...me at least I was!

 It's amazing, don't you think?!

 My second choice  was the shoes Chicco Ruiz (http://www.lourdeschiccoruiz.com.ar/). 
The pictures was taken as well from their official website.

The 3rd choice and the last is Elca Marin (http://www.elcamarin.com/ ) - in french I would define their dresses in 3 words : Romantique, Féminine, Innocent. On their website the last collection they published was Summer 2010...

By writing this post, I discovered just a small piece of Argetina. Now, I have to go there and see it by myself:) On this, I am going to sleep, cause am dying already. Good night. Who knows maybe tonight will dream about me, tango, Elca Marin dress and Argentina...
Princess J.

Monday, January 2, 2012

Fill in your heart with "colors"! - Monday 2.01.12

Hellloo and Happy Happy Happy New Year!!
It's been so long I didn't write anything, even not for me, some personal notes...
With the changes that happened the last year (new job, new country, new city, new people) I was more focused on my career than fashion.  My friend Nikoleta (who was reading my other old blog Memories of a Princess), and other people from my entourage asked me why I stopped blogging?...hmmm...and after they continued - "U SHOULD re-start to do it". 
It was very nice to hear this , so I decided to begin the 2012 by starting to write again:)
I missed it,  so I will do my best to find time and share with you all the news about my "princess's" life, my fashion inspirations, what I like and-or what I hate:)
I always loved  C O L O R S! I think every color express our character,  our mood at the moment we are wearing it!  What I like the most from the new trends, is how perfectly  fashionistas and designers - (I have in mind D&G right now), how they mix colors. When you analyze separately every piece, it doesn't match, but when you look at the whole outfit, it is just perfect.
Below you can see some color-inspirational outfits that I loved.

Leopard, Purple, Yellow, Denim shirt - what else!

I LOVE LOVE this bag.

 (source www.style.com)
(source: Fashion Toast)
This dress is for my friend Irina. When we were students, she was obsessed with Orange:) so now i always associate her with this color, even though after it , she had pink, RED in her fav' color collection.

These are pictures from personal collection:), which were taken one month ago at my b-day party. Me and my friend Cris, where both "colorful" . This orange dress I bought I think 2 years ago from Mango and I wear it in summer , autumn, spring and winter. I just mixed it with different shoes and accessories and it was perfect for any occasion. 
Even if you don't like , or don't feel like to wear something flashy, you can always just add one article, shoes, bag, belt, earrings...and your outfit will have another allure and effect. A red lip gloss or red nails can be sometimes just enough..


Friday, November 6, 2009

Tights and their mistery!

I have been always crazy about tights...and am very excited that this season they represents the ''it accessoire''.
I made some research about the history of tights. I found the article below interesting and decided to share it with you: 

''Tights and stockings are an essential part of every woman's wardrobe. Sheer natural toned tights/pantyhose complement and finish off the perfect office outfit. Sexy stockings spruce up a special dress for a sensual date, and patterned opaques keep you looking funky and stylish without freezing on a winter day!
But tights and stockings were not always as comfortable or accessible as they are today. Hosiery has evolved throughout the ages, and demand and fashion have dictated style, colour and material. As strange as it may seem now, tights and stockings actually originated from men's clothing. Stockings or Hose became widely available in the 16th century with the invention of the knitting machine. They were most commonly made from wool, luxurious versions were available in silk or cotton, and they were worn by men under breeches. It was not until the early 20th century, that women's fashion changed and it became socially acceptable for women to show their legs.
The invention of Nylon in 1939 revolutionised women's undergarments. As tights were not yet invented, stockings were the garment of choice and industrial advances made them widely available, albeit not during the war. Lycra had not yet been added to stockings so there was not much 'give' to them and they did not stretch. As such, they were available in what was known as 'Fully fashioned', meaning different sizes, to follow the shape of the leg.
By the early 60's Lycra was added to stockings, making them more comfortable and a better fit for the wearer. It was also at this time that in California, Allan Gant Senior developed the first 'tights'. Known as 'pantyhose', as derived from the American 'panties' - a term used for knickers, referring to the opaque section at the top, and 'hose' to refer to the stockings. These 'pantyhose', were literally stockings and knickers sewn together. They were designed to eliminate the need for several different layers of undergarments. Pantyhose production was perfected by the mid sixties, and the product became 'seamless'. This coincided with the rise of the mini skirt. Allowing women were to wear tights, that covered the leg, as a alternative to stockings, which would have been exposed under the short skirt fashion of the times. Tights became the new must have product and the sale of stockings dramatically declined.
In the UK, 'tights' is used as a generic name regardless of weight/texture/denier of the material. However, in America the term 'pantyhose' is used to distinguish tights of a 'lighter' denier. Pantyhose refers to tights which are either seamless waist to toe, or have a opaque section at the top. They are usually available in 'nude' or 'natural' shades. Americans use the term 'tights' to refer to thicker, opaque garments, including those of the woolen variety.
Advances in technology and ever changing trends in fashion, have seen a vast array of tights available on the market. Fishnet, peep toe, thigh slimming, tummy controlling and maternity tights are all available, and they can be purchased in every conceivable colour. There has never been a better time in history to wear or purchased the perfect pair of tights!''

Fall 2009 rdw:

The idea to make a post about ''tights'' came in my mind today...I am sorry to not have more professional pictures, but would like to show you some of my outfits where I wear tights.

H&M Grey tights with a blue floral minidress...''girls night out'' outfit:)

Zara leopard tights with a black dress -  ''party'' outfit

Veritas purple tights with the same black dress - ''friends dinner time'' outfit.

For those who after reading this post will desesperately start to look for new tights:)...I invite you to take a look to the top shop and urban outfitters websites (http://www.topshop.com, www.urbanoutfitters.com) they have a nice collection of tights and socks. I am sure you can find something to your taste.
Wish you everybody a nice weekend!