Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Don't Cry For Me Argentina! 4.01.12 - 00:19


Hello everyone,
I am very excited about today's topic:) Since yesterday with my mom we started to watch a new russian series called Don't cry for me Argentina! It is about 4 women, who has personal problems with their husband/boyfriend, so  for different reasons they started a tango lesson and it seems that this dance will change their lives.....I just watched today the 2nd episode, and I love it already:)
So, inspired from this series, I started to do researches about Argentina, Tango and Buenos Aires. 
I found a lot of colors and street art painting. Am inviting you for a little trip to the country of tango...

(saurce: google search-tourism websites)

If I speak about fashion, I discovered for myself some designers who's work is authentic and original. 
The first is Ale Sly (http://alesly.com). From my point of view this brand successfully represent Argentina.  The pictures below I took from their official website. Just take a look carefully to every detail and you will be fascinated by the colors combination...me at least I was!

 It's amazing, don't you think?!

 My second choice  was the shoes Chicco Ruiz (http://www.lourdeschiccoruiz.com.ar/). 
The pictures was taken as well from their official website.

The 3rd choice and the last is Elca Marin (http://www.elcamarin.com/ ) - in french I would define their dresses in 3 words : Romantique, Féminine, Innocent. On their website the last collection they published was Summer 2010...

By writing this post, I discovered just a small piece of Argetina. Now, I have to go there and see it by myself:) On this, I am going to sleep, cause am dying already. Good night. Who knows maybe tonight will dream about me, tango, Elca Marin dress and Argentina...
Princess J.


  1. Great post, and so colorful! I want to go to Argentina as well, it seems to be so inspiring!

  2. Awsome post! Love it! :) Bravissima!